Refunds / Item Issue Policy:

  • If you’re unhappy with the quality or condition of your card, simply take a photo of it showing us the issue, and email it to us at and if we can we will either:
  1. Send you a replacement card, completely free of charge including shipment costs.
  2. If we don’t have the exact card in stock, offer you a different replacement card, completely free of charge including shipment costs.
  3. Offer you a full refund.
  • If applicable,you have 28 days from the date of purchase to ask for a refund or replacement, however if we believe the card has been damaged after you have received it (After you’ve opened your post and it happens in your own care – we will unfortunately not be able to refund or replace the item(s).
  • We don’t offer refunds because you don’t like the card (i.e. you made a mistake purchase or decided you don’t like the card/photo/pokemon etc – Please ensure you are mindful of your purchase and do so in good form of mind.
  • We cannot cancel orders that were made by mistake if we have already shipped the order.Generally, if you can see that your order status is ‘Processing’, we won’t be able to cancel the order. If your order is ‘Completed’ it is most likely shipped and will be with you shortly.
  • If you have not received your item(s) please let us know. We cannot guarantee shipment will succesfully deliver, however it is extremely unlikely that this occurs. If you are unsure or concerned about this, please purchase signed for mail delivery.
    If in the unlikely circumstance that you do not receive your item, we will internally investigate this and will also contact the Royal Mail who may wish to speak with you about your letter or parcel. If you did not purchase a form of signatory or tracked mail delivery, we are unable to issue a refund if you didn’t receive your item. If you did purchase a signed for or tracked mail service, we will aim to refund you within 5 working days. If we find our during our investigations that there may be mail fraud involved, we will involve the police in the matter.

Terms of Sale:

  • All sales are final unless you believe you have been sent the wrong item, or a damaged/ incorrectly presented item. If that is the case please contact us within 28 days of your purchase otherwise we will not be able to assist with a replacement/return or refund.
  • All items on the website are second-hand. Most of our stock comes fresh from packet but that does not make it brand-new. Brand New would be cards inside an un-opened packet. We will never tell you a product is brand-new unless is an unopened booster packet or box for example.
  • You accept the condition of the item if it is specifically stated and or there are photographs specifically stating any damage or reduced quality. We will not refund or return items if you are unhappy with an item where there are specifically stated conditions and or photographs.
  • The minimum age for purchasing any items from this website is 16 years old. If we believe you have made a purchase whilst being under the age of 16 we will cancel your order and delete your account. If you are under the age of 16 please ask your parents or guardian(s) to use this site and purchase on your behalf.
  • We provide no warranty or guarantee for any products or items on this website. Our stock is made from paper, card and foil. It will degrade if not protected or looked after. We will not enter into any discussions about products purchased from us that have degraded 28 days past the date of purchase. We always provide every single item (card) with a protective sleeve. Unless you plan to play with the items we suggest you keep them in the sleeve.


  • We are not a manufacturer. The Pokemon Company & Nintendo recommends the minimum age for using or owning these cards is 6+ Years. We strongly suggest you abide by this advice.
  • We accept no responsibility for any injuries from the incorrect usage, handling or storage of any item of purchase from this website. If you are unsure whether you, the person you are buying the items for are unsuitable, do not buy them.