Pokemon Cards – An Investment?

14 Years ago, I was walking through Daniel’s Department Store in Windsor, UK. I came across a small stand where all of the Pokemon Merchandise sat.

I love this store, it reminds me of childhood. My grandmother used to buy me a Ferrari 1/24 Die-Cast car every month or so. I had about 30 of them. That’s a different story.

Daniel Windsor Department Store in 2006

At this point, it had been a few years since I was last interested in Pokemon, or cards for that matter and whilst I did have a reasonable collection in the past, I’d sold them all to a friend.

I’m not sure why I did it, perhaps some kind of nostalgic impulse but I purchased a packet of Pokemon cards. Later that day I opened the packet at home and was pleased to see I had gotten a Shiny! That feeling!

The funny thing was, I opened the packet, looked at the card and packed it away in a case and forgot about it.

In 2012 I bought my first house, and as you expect when you move you go through your old drawers and find things that you had otherwise forgotten about. This card was one of those things.

Fast forward to 2019, I now have a Pokemon Card Collection of well over 8,000 unique cards, let’s say 1200+ holos.

Very recently, whilst I was adding some of my new cards into my collection (The sleeve, into the 9 pocket ultra-pro page, you know the drill). I came across that card again. “Weird”, I thought. It looks like a Shiny version of the Pokemon. Well, technically it is.

I googled the card on Ebay to see if it had any kind of value.
I was a little surprised. I saw previous sales of between £120-£200 depending on the condition. Apart from a small crease on the back, it was basically Near-Mint condition. This really confused me as I didn’t think the card was particularly special but, I guess the market defines these things.

Needless to say, the card is worth about £150. I bought the packet for £2.50 in 2005, let’s say a packet’s £4 in 2019. That’s about a 6,000% increase in value in 14 years.

The point is this, look after your cards, use sleeves, buy toploader protectors. In time, who knows what your favourite collection will be worth.

I didn’t go about the purchase as investment, but I certainly think about my collection differently these days.

Oh yeah, the card? It’s this:

Metagross ‘Gold Star’ Ex Delta Species Holo

Not bad for a stroll through a department store.

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