As Pokemon is one of the world’s most favourite & popular game series, Anime and otherwise phenomenons, we like to think there are quite a few of us that just love Pokemon!

The focus of PKMN Community here at Cinder Cards is to provide a central hub to find like-minded Pokemon fans, gamers and experts across the entire spectrum of Pokemon Media – be it console-games, the trading card game or the movies.

Pokemon Social Groups

Raikou’s Thunder Cloud
A friendly Pokemon paradise with very genuine and generous people who frequently do competitions, giveaways and it’s also a nice place to chat and share memes.

Pokemon Go Trading & PVP League Maidenhead

A friendly Facebook group for Pokemeon Go fans in Maidenhead/surrounding areas for Pokemon Go Trading & PVP battles. They are soon beginning a PVP Tournament.

Pokemon TCG Resources

Pokemon TCG Official website

Pokemon TCG Online Official website

Pokemon Game Resources


Pokemon Database

Pokemon Go Hub