Fairy-types removed from Pokemon TCG

In a fairly major shake-up of the Pokemon TCG, the upcoming new Sword & Shield series officially does away with the Fairy ‘Type’. This is obviously quite a shock move, given that many of us enjoy using Fairy types in our games. This has been done to ‘re-balance’ the game.

Moving forward, all Pokemon that were previously considered to be Fairy-types will now be converted to Pyschic-type Pokemon Cards. However, it also means that no Fairy-Type cards will be useable in any official or ‘correct’ play such as in your local hobbystores or gaming events.

This isn’t the only major shake-up,

  • New and current Psychic Pokemon will now be weak against any Pokemon with Darkness traits.
  • Poison-types that have Psychic -type traits will be relabelled to Darkness-tytpes.
  • Water-types are now weak against Lightning-types.
  • Darkness Pokemon won’t do well with Grass-types.

The new rules officially come into play on the 21st February 2020, and will be enforced with any current TCG sets. Meaning, if you play a fairy card it will become a Psychic type and so on.

Another massive change, will be that the player who goes first will no longer be able to play a supporter card on the first turn, making it less of an advantage to go first. We think this is actually a fairly decent improvement to the balance.

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