Pokemon Card Condition Guide

At Cinder Cards we use 5 categories to describe the physical condition of your purchase.

Why? Because as well as supplying mint-condition cards, we also offer cards in non-mint condition, to offer a broader choice of cards to our customers.

If you don’t see a condition mentioned in the product title, you should assume it’s mint condition.
If you’re not sure, ask us. Each product is categorised by Rarity, Expansion and Condition so
when you click on a product it should display the condition on it’s own page.

Mint: There will be no damage whatsoever to the card, as if it were just taken out of a packet.

Near-Mint: There will be very little if any damage or scuffs to the card. There may be small imperfections or very minor tearing to the rear of the card for example.

Good: There will be very little noticeable to no damage or imperfections to the front of the card. There may be some scuffs on the back of the card.

Played: The card may not have been used in play but it will have some damage, typically either some scuff marks or worn print-layer to the sides or top/bottom of the card.. There may also be some print tears on the reverse of the card. Because of this the price is usually considerably lower in comparison to Mint.

Damaged: The card will have some very obvious damage to it, either on the front or rear, some areas may be scuffed and the card may be physically damaged e.g. a cut or scratch. We price these types of card much lower than any others and you buy the card knowing it is damaged.
We will usually provide specific photos for cards like this so that you get a good idea of  it’s condition before you purchase.

Generally, we will not take photos for every single card as this is a very time consuming process and as a small business in order to be efficient we use stock photos but if there is a genuine need to provide accurate description of a cards condition we will use a real photo because it is important to us that our customers know what they are buying. If we use a stock photo you can assume as a minimum that the card is either mint or has very slight damage which is either not-noticeable or minor.

If you have any questions regarding card conditions, you should contact us and we will provide a photo on request, and send it to you via email before you make your decision.